Ishq karke to dekho

Tum Ishq karke to dekho hum seekh jayenge dooriyon me tumhe jeena. Kyunki Humne to kar li hai beinteha Mohhabat tumse, Intezaar hai to ab us waqt ka jab Ishq Ka nasha tumhe chadhega.

Haan maante hai hum naadan hai nahi aata hume auro ki tarah Pyaar jatana, Magar tum Ishq Karke to Dekho, Hum jee jaan laga denge tumhari muskan ki hifazat karne ke liye.

Theek kehte hai log sayad, Nahi samajhte hum Pyaar Ko, Magar tum Ishq Karke to Dekho, Tumhe khush rakhne ko hum apni zindagi ka maksad bana lenge.

Chalo maan liya nahi pehente hum dhang ke kapde, ghumte rehte hai hum awaro ki tarah, Magar tum Ishq Karke to Dekho, Tumhari khoobsurati ke aad me sawar lenge hum khud ko.

Haan nahi hai paise humare pass ki hum mehnge mehnge gifts de tumhe, Magar tum Ishq Karke to Dekho, Dard kya hota hai ye mehsus bhi nahi hone denge hum tumhe.

Haan toota hai dil humara bhi aur ek time tha jab Nafrat karte the hum Pyaar se, Par ab jab hum firse Ishq ko mehsus kar rahe hum ise khona nahi chahte aur tum? Arey tum Ishq karke dekho har baat sunenge hum tumhari bina koi shikayat kiye.

Kuch baatein hai jo tumse karna chahta hoon, Ek baar fir se mai Mohhabat pe marna chahta hoon, bas tum Ishq Karke Dekho, Hum honge, Humari baatein hongi aur un baaton ki wajah se aayi tumhare chehre pe ek muskaan hogi.

Bas tum Ishq Karke to Dekho.


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Although you made me feel my existence worthless, I couldn’t hate you, I just couldn’t.

I closed my eyes.
It was you.
The most beautiful human being I ever saw.
The person who ruled my heart.
I wanted to touch you.
I wanted your head to rest on my shoulder
I wanted to kiss those glossy lips.
But then my heart recalled everything.
The way you bade me goodbye.
The way you broke every promise we made.
The way you let loneliness surround me.
I blinked my eyes.
It was still you.
But now stood the most ruthless human being
I ever came across.

You smiled.
I gazed into your hazel eyes.
They looked so beautiful.
My eyes welled tears.
I couldn’t hate you.
Although you ruined my life, I just couldn’t.
I couldn’t break you.
So I punished myself.
Memories lashed me.
Loneliness cut me with its swords.

Wounded, I fell on the ground.
My scars bled.
It wasn’t blood.
It was love.

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Childish? ..Na !! Its a way of living life..

“Why are you laughing so loudly? Stop being childish”. I’ve often heard people saying this.Well, it’s one way of looking at it. But honestly, being ‘childish’ is one way of living life happily.

Sometimes you suddenly laugh when you remember a silly thing you’ve done. It makes you happy. It doesn’t matter if that happiness lasts for a minute or two. Yeah, it sounds awkward but such small happy moments make our life beautiful.
Laughing loudly, dancing in joy is not being childish. It’s just that you are living that moment. You maybe saying “Grow up, get matured.” But the truth is we envy such happy people and curse life for not offering us happy moments. The only thing is that ‘childish’ people just find happiness in whatever they do and they keep themselves happy.

Yeah maturity is indeed essential but so is lively soul. Maturity teaches you how to live with people and ‘childish’ teaches us how to live life. We all have a child within us. Never let that child die. That child within you is the one who binds people together. That child within you is the one who’ll never let you do anything bad for others.

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I feel a tug,the dream vanishes

Well, it would be quite difficult for me to pen about the dreams I saw for you. You see, nothing’s worse than writing on the dreams that can never come true.

My first dream, it was to marry you. To tie the knot and embark on the journey of our life. I pictured our first day after our marriage. You leave a note on the dining table, it says “Sorry dear, have an important meeting to attend. Make yourself some coffee. Will call you during lunch time.” There is a broad smile on my face, even after our marriage you consider your work as important as me.

My second dream, I picture myself holding our baby. I hug you, we cry in unison. I kiss you for gifting me a jewel. Days pass, the baby utters “Papa.” I lose myself, the happiness is beyond words. I return home from my office, exhausted. “Welcome honey, dinner is awaiting you.” You wink me, the baby sleeping on your lap. “Greeted by your love and your baby, can anything be better than this?” My heart wonders.

My third dream, even though we’re in 70s, our romance is still intact. We sit besides the fireplace, reading our favourite novel. You rest your head on my shoulder. I feel my shoulder wet, I find you crying. “We’re approaching the end. It’s just a matter of time, we’ll be history. Death is chasing us.” You mumble. “Our love is eternal. Our souls can never be separated. Stop crying.” I pat your back and kiss you on your forehead. Your cheeks turn pink. “That’s like my love. I must say, your blush hasn’t lost it’s beauty at all.” I laugh. You giggle and pinch me.

But then I feel a tug, the world before my eyes vanishes. I come back to reality where you’re not mine, where you’re busy making love with someone else. And at that moment, I lose hopes, I lose happiness.

And yes, I lose myself too. 😞

Things will change if you will !!

Heartbreaks, shattered dreams, Insomniac nights I have experienced it all. I felt my heart hollow. I had poured out all the love that my heart possessed. I never realised that I was being used up. Everyone had left me all alone.

And months passed. The sorrows didn’t hurt me anymore. Yeah the memories still existed but it stopped bothering me. I was puzzled because betrayals, shattered dreams stopped troubling me. Tears no longer rolled off my eyes. My smile was no longer a fake one. I felt a new surge of energy.

I realised that things will change if you will. I realised that these heartbreaks were just a phase of my life, my real life lies ahead. I realised that many beautiful things were yet to come and for that I had to change. Fortunately, I’m still a kind person with the same good old affectionate heart. The change I undergone was, my way of looking towards life had changed.

I felt moving on was the best decision. I have never done anything evil to deserve such fake people. I realised that they aren’t the ones that I should shower my love on. Maybe there are many people who deserve this love. And with time,things got better. I started treating every heartbreak like a lesson of my life. I was happy because there was always something to learn in sorrows. Something that would surely help me develop as an individual. Take sorrows as a good thing and it’s my promise that it won’t be that painful.

To all people here, please move on. Life is really too short to brood over such small things. Yes, it’s not easy to get over heartbreaks. But just think for a moment, would crying do any good? Will those heartless people return by seeing tears in your eyes? No, it’s time that we should realise not every person will hold your hand forever, not every person will care for you like you do. By crying and blaming yourself, you are drowning deeper in the oceans of sorrows. Just make an effort to swim up, the island of happiness ain’t that far..

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The Social Media Friend

We all have one friend that we met online via a mistakenly sent friend request or follow request.

You used to wait for them to come online just so you can tell them about the guy who proposed you or the girl who kept staring at you.

And the best thing? Fantasy dates.
Just imagining going out together and having so much fun makes you both desperate to meet as soon as possible. And this is not just for lovers but even for the ones who stay friends.

The qualities that both of us share and it feels like we know each other from more than a decade.

There’s no guarantee that we will ever meet that person in future but that doesn’t stop the plans made for the future.

“Look if we met at my town, I’ll be taking you to this place. We have this awesome coffee here and the food”,these conversations are so common that we almost know them more than we know our own choices.

Things get really interesting when you start sharing your personal stuff with him/her. Stuff that even your college friends don’t know about you.

That’s the special bond. The bond without a face. The bond without any physical contact. Just pure trust.

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Thank you for everything you did

Neither any complaint nor any blame,
even I want to thank you for all that same.

Thank you,
For showing me that fake love to tell how it feels when we’re truly loved.

Thank you,
For hugging me to make me experience the warmth of being in the arms of someone you love.

Thank you,
For all those late night chats to help me spend those restless nights by reading old conversations.

Thank you,
For flirting with me to make me more aware of the sugar coated lies.

Thank you,
For ignoring me in my tough times to make me strong enough to fight alone.

Thank you,
For making those false promises to teach me that ‘promises are meant to be broken’.

Thank you,
For all the ifs and buts to make me realise that love never complains or delays.

Thank you,
For making those ‘together-forever’ future plans to make me realise that ‘forever’ is not for ‘ever’, even it is transient.

Thank you,
For not respecting my feelings and warn me through your memories everytime I open up with someone.

Thank you,
For not loving me to give me the true definition of love.

Thank you,
For the betrayal to help me find myself whom I lost while loving you.

Thank you,
For never bothering about me so that I can love myself.

Thank you,
For coming into my life to tell me that I deserve someone better.